RdQCC is dedicated to researching, developing, and consulting on product risk analysis for medical devices and complex projects. Its AI-powered risk search engines (e.g. risk-discovery.com, risk-chat.com) allow users to analyze words, sentences, paragraphs, or entire reports to predict potential product safety risks within 20 seconds in various fields, including product design, process development, system integration, human factors, compliance, and post market surveillance. They seamlessly integrate into the traditional risk analysis process without any compromise. By leveraging OpenAI base models and our fine-tuning dataset, the risk search engines provide real time risk assessment, high-quality outputs and continuously product improvement.

RdQCC assists our clients in establishing their own AI-powered risk search engine.


Mission and Value

Secure innovation and protect users(patients).


Goals and Objectives

Reduce project uncertainty, predict product failure at the early stage, mitigate risks from inherent safety by design, and promote system(product) quality.



Building Product Together



You change the world, we secure it.